Window And Door Supreme Silicone Caulk, 9-oz. Clear

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10.1 OZ, GE, Clear, 100% Silicone Window & Door Supreme Sealant, 30 Minute Rain Ready, 2 Times The Stretch Of Other Top Selling Silicones, 100% Waterproof Caulk That Can Withstand Exposure To All Weather Conditions, Flexible & Shrink/Crack Proof, With +/ 50% Joint Movement Capability, Can Withstand The Extreme Expansion Or Contraction That Can Occur With Weather Fluctuations Or Movement From A Home Settling, Lifetime Guarantee, Non Paintable, Typical Uses Includes Windows, Doors, Siding, Trim, Molding, Baseboards, Vents, Around Wires/Pipes & Other Attic/Basement Applications, Adheres To Most Wood, Metal, Vinyl Siding, Masonry, Brick, Concrete, Drywall/Plaster, Glass & Plastic.
GE 100% silicone window and door supreme 10.1oz clear. 30-minute rain ready. 2 x the stretch of other top selling silicones. 100% waterproof caulk that can withstand exposure to all weather conditions. Flexible and shrink / crack-proof. With +/- 50% joint movement capability, window and door supreme can withstand the extreme expansion or contraction that can occur with weather fluctuations or movement from a home settling. Lifetime guarantee, non paintable. Typical uses include windows, doors, siding, trim, molding, baseboards, vents, arpond wires/pipes and other attic/basement applications. adheres to most wood , metal, vinyl siding, masonry, brick, concrete, drywall/plaster, glass and plastic.
Manufacturer Part Number M90016
UPC: 77027900163
Package Dimensions
Width: 2.00 (in)
Height: 11.70 (in)
Depth: 2.00 (in)
This product can expose you to chemicals including Methanol, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm.  For more information go to