Waterproofer Plus Masonry Protector, 1.2-Gallons

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1.2 Gallon, Waterproofer Plus Masonry Protector, Provides Proven Waterproofing Protection For All Masonry Surfaces Including Pavers, Brick, Concrete, Stone, Stucco, Clay & Quarry Tile.
1.2 gallon, waterproofer plus masonry protector, provides proven waterproofing protection for all masonry surfaces including pavers, brick, concrete, stone, stucco, clay & quarry tile.
  • Recommended uses: pavers, brick, concrete, stone, stucco, clay and quarry tile.
  • Coating resists mildew and UV damage.
Manufacturer Part Number 23111
UPC: 32053231117
Package Dimensions
Width: 6.63 (in)
Height: 12.00 (in)
Depth: 4.12 (in)