Treekote Wound Dressing

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8 OZ, Treekote Wound Dressing With Brush Top Plastic Container, Protects Your Shrubs, Bushes, Vines & Trees From Decay, Insects & Fungi, Apply To Fresh Pruned Areas, For Patching Damaged Areas Of Trees & Shrubs, For Tree Surgery, For Propagating Orchids & For After Grafting, Proven To Help Prevent The Spread Of Disease & Increase Wound Closures.
TreeKote wound dressing with brushtop plastic containers. Protects your shrubs, bushes, vines & trees from decay, insects and fungi. Apply to fresh pruned areas. It also shields tree wounds, Withstands all weather.
  • For patching damaged areas of trees & shrubs
  • Protects your shrubs, busehes, vines and trees from decay, insects and fungi.
  • For use in Tree Surgery
  • Time saving brush top
Manufacturer Part Number 300008
UPC: 50699000089
Package Dimensions
Width: 2.50 (in)
Height: 5.00 (in)
Depth: 2.50 (in)