TrashStik, Retractable, Black Aluminum, 42-In.

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42", Black Aluminum, TrashStik, The Retractable, Protective Sleeve Ejects Debris So No Bending Or Stretching Is Required, Hands Are Kept Free From Trash & Tips, One Button Operation Easily Engages & Retracts Protective Sleeve, Debris Is Ejected When Sleeve Is Engaged Without Touching Trash Or Tip, Lock Sleeve In Place Covering Tip To Safely Store, Ergonomically Designed Handle, Soft To The Touch, Easy Grip Handle, Nylon Strap Attaches TrashStik To Your Wrist Preventing Drops, Tips: Double Point Design To Pick Up More Debris & Hold Securely Until Released, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel To Withstand The Elements, Durable, Lightweight Shaft Construction & Anodized Aluminum Shaft Won't Rust, Ideal For Collecting Beverage Cans, Trash, Cigarettes Butts & Unsanitary Items.
42", black aluminum, Trashstik, the retractable, protective sleeve ejects debris so no bending or stretching is required, hands are kept free from trash & tips, one button operation easily engages & retracts protective sleeve, debris is ejected when sleeve is engaged without touching trash or tip, lock sleeve in place covering tip to safely store, ergonomically designed handle, soft to the touch, easy grip handle, nylon strap attaches trashstik to your wrist preventing drops, tips: double point design to pick up more debris & hold securely until released, heavy duty stainless steel to withstand the elements, durable, lightweight shaft construction & anodized aluminum shaft won't rust, ideal for collecting beverage cans, trash, cigarettes butts & unsanitary items.
Manufacturer Part Number T422
UPC: 748038614225
Package Dimensions
Width: 1.42 (in)
Height: 1.00 (in)
Depth: 42.00 (in)