Toggler Eco-dim™ 600W Dimmer, White

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SKU: 103896
3 Way, 600W, White, Single Dimmer, Diva Paddle Style, Preset Slide, New Eco Dim Dimmer Without Wall Plate, UL Listed, Clamshell Pack.
Save energy every time you use your lights, while creating the ambiance you want. Replace a standard switch with the Toggler eco-dim™ to match your existing traditional opening toggle switches. You can easily turn the lights on and off with the toggle switch, and eco-dim guarantees at least 15% energy savings compared to standard switches. While the lights are turned on, use the smooth linear-slide control to adjust the lights to your favorite level – creating the perfect ambiance and saving even more energy.The toggle switch returns the lights to your favorite preset level each time you turn on your light. Designed for use with an incandescent or halogen bulb, the bulbs connected to the dimmer will last more than 3x their rated life.Toggler eco-dim coordinates with Fassada™ wallplates and accessories. Complete the look of your home with Fassada screwless wallplates in a variety of colors, as well as coordinating switches, receptacles and other accessories.
  • Save at least 15% energy instantly every time you use your lights
  • Dim the lights just 25% to save 20% electricity and extend bulb life 4 times
  • Extend bulb life 3x as compared to a standard switch
  • Same sleek features as standard Toggler dimmer, while saving more energy
Manufacturer Part Number TG-603PGH-WH
UPC: 27557590495
Package Dimensions
Width: 4.00 (in)
Height: 6.00 (in)
Depth: 2.50 (in)