Swivel Watering Hose Nozzle, Front-Trigger

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SKU: 228132
Gilmour, Heavy Duty, Front Trigger, Watering Nozzle, Swivel Connection Allows The Nozzle To Pivot Without Twisting The Hose & Reducing The Likelihood Of Kinking, Increases Ease Of Mobility, 1 Turn Adjustment Of The Nozzle Head Allows Users To Move Confidently From Jet To Rinse, Ergonomic Design Optimizes The Location Of Controls So There's No Straining To Reach & Make Adjustments, Fits Snuggly In The Hand, Greater Comfort & Control, Durable Metal Secures & Reinforces The Impact Points & Barrel, Lifetime Warranty.
Gilmour, heavy duty, front trigger, watering nozzle, swivel connection allows the nozzle to pivot without twisting the hose & reducing the likelihood of kinking, increases ease of mobility, 1 turn adjustment of the nozzle head allows users to move confidently from jet to rinse, ergonomic design optimizes the location of controls so there's no straining to reach & make adjustments, fits snuggly in the hand, greater comfort & control, durable metal secures & reinforces the impact points & barrel, lifetime warranty.
Manufacturer Part Number 825702-1001
UPC: 34411260494
Package Dimensions
Width: 5.38 (in)
Height: 8.50 (in)
Depth: 2.63 (in)