Swivel-Mount Light Control With Photocell, Outdoor

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Outdoor Swivel Mount Light Control With Photocell, Controls Security Lighting & Automates Parking Lots, Building Perimeters, Sports Fields & Outdoor Lighting, Turns Light On At Dusk & Off At Dawn, Works With Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED, Halogen, Mercury Vapor Or High Pressure Sodium Bulbs, CFL Compatible, Requires No Seasonal Adjustments, Photo Control Activates With The Absence Of Light, Time Delay Eliminates Flicker & False On/Off Triggers Due To Stray Car Light, Cull Listed.
Outdoor swivel mount light control with photocell, controls security lighting & automates parking lots, building perimeters, sports fields & outdoor lighting, turns light on at dusk & off at dawn, works with incandescent, fluorescent, led, halogen, mercury vapor or high pressure sodium bulbs, cfl compatible, requires no seasonal adjustments, photo control activates with the absence of light, time delay eliminates flicker & false on/off triggers due to stray car light, cull listed.
Manufacturer Part Number 59413WD
UPC: 78693594137
Package Dimensions
Width: 4.12 (in)
Height: 6.62 (in)
Depth: 1.25 (in)