Surface Protectors, Furniture Sliding Discs, Adhesive, 1-1/2-In., 4-Pk.

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SKU: 107135
4 Pack, 38mm, 1-1/2", Sliding Discs With Adhesive, Slide Everything As If It Had Wheels, Move Up To 1600 LB, Won't Scratch Your Floors, Works On Any Surface Wood Floors, Vinyl Flooring, Ceramic Tile & Carpeting. Ideal To Move Chairs, TV's, Coffee Tables, Computers, Printers, Stereos, Floor Plants, As Seen On TV.
4 pack, 38mm, 1-1/2", sliding discs with adhesive, slide everything as if it had wheels, move up to 1600 lb, won't scratch your floors, works on any surface wood floors, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile & carpeting. Ideal to move chairs, TV's, coffee tables, computers, printers, stereos, floor plants, as seen on TV.
Manufacturer Part Number 04038
UPC: 743488040389
Package Dimensions
Width: 0.25 (in)
Height: 7.00 (in)
Depth: 4.75 (in)