Snap 'N Spray Shower Sprayer, Detachable 6-Ft. Hose

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Rinse Ace, Snap N Spray, Detachable 6' Sprayer, Simply Install The Enclosed Connector 1 Time, Then Snap On The 6' Hose Easily, Any Time, No Need To Remove Your Showerhead After That, Fastest, Most Convenient Way To Rinse, Rinse The Dog, A Child, The Shower Or Anything Else With The Only System That Does It All In A Snap.
Rinse the dog, a child, the shower or anything else with the only system that does it all in a snap. Simply install the enclosed shower connector one time, then snap on the 6 foot hose easily, any time. There's no need to remove your showerhead after that, making snap 'n spray detachable 6' sprayer the fastest, most convenient way to rinse!
  • Easy One-Time Installation - shower connector installs one-time on your existing showerhead
  • 6-foot detachable hose "quick-connects" to your existing showerhead
  • Hose snaps into shower connector without removing your showerhead
  • Quick Anytime Use - 6-foot detachable hose reaches entire shower
  • On/Off sprayer with variable flow control saves water
  • Drenching spray for quick rinsing
  • Rinses everything in a snap!
Manufacturer Part Number 4175
UPC: 706738041703
Package Dimensions
Width: 6.50 (in)
Height: 9.25 (in)
Depth: 2.25 (in)