Snake Bite Kit

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Snake Bite Kit, Complete, Compact Kit For The Treatment Of Snake Bites Using The Constrictor/Suction Method, Includes Detailed Instructions, 3 Pliable Suction Cups, Easy To Use With 1 Hand Lymph Constrictor, Scalpel, & Antiseptic Swab, OZ Weight.
Snake Bite Kit. A complete, compact kit for the treatment of snake bites using the constrictor/suction method. Kit Contains: detailed instructions, 3 pliable suction cups, easy-to-use with one hand lymph constrictor, scalpel, and antiseptic swab. Weight: 1 oz (28 g).
Manufacturer Part Number 7925
UPC: 56389079250
Package Dimensions
Width: 5.00 (in)
Height: 7.25 (in)
Depth: 1.25 (in)