Small Engine Spark Plug, RN9YC

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Champion, Single Pack, RN9YC Automotive Spark Plug, Stock #415, Buick 86-84, Chevrolet 88-87, Chrysler 89-87, Dodge 95-71, Dodge Truck 89-79 & Eagle 98-89, Plus Small Engines, Honda 5.0 & Others.
Honda 3.5hp & 5.0hp small engine used in lawn mower, tiller, tractor, edger, trimmer, sprayer, blower, chipper, log splitter, John Deere outdoor equip, Scott's, Kee, Ketchum Hydro Seeder, Kincaid gators, Kubota, Lawn-boy, Robin 4.6, 18,22,25hp engine. Parker, pro-master, RAM. Ford 67cid turf equip. Toro Suzuki 4-cycle engine 141cc. Ford 1.1L. Troy-bilt 4-cycle engines, -Cut. Honda 3.5hp engine.
  • Champion Copper Plus
  • Dependable Performance as the OE replacement spark plug
  • Provides Ling Life with the copper core center electrode
  • Allow accurate control of heat range
  • Optimize performance and longevity
  • RFI & EMI suppression to not interfere with modern ignition systems
Manufacturer Part Number 415-1
UPC: 37551011056
Package Dimensions
Width: 2.44 (in)
Height: 5.63 (in)
Depth: 0.80 (in)