Single-Gang Old Work Box, Low Voltage

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Single Gang, Low Voltage Old Work Box, Mounts Standard Low Voltage Wiring Plates, Provides A Secure Method Of Mounting Low Voltage Class 2 Devices Such As A Telephone Or Cable TV Jack To An Existing Wall, Can Be Mounted Horizontally Or Vertically, Allows For The Full Unrestricted Bend Radius Of Coaxial Rigid Cable.
Single gang, low voltage old work box, mounts standard low voltage wiring plates, provides a secure method of mounting low voltage class 2 devices such as a telephone or cable tv jack to an existing wall, can be mounted horizontally or vertically, allows for the full unrestricted bend radius of coaxial rigid cable.
  • Rectaqular Flange for faster/easier installation
  • Shallow Bracket - Less material, easier to work with.
  • Marking hole for wall opening.
  • Thinner Flange for less protrusion on the wall.
  • Clamps stop at center point to prevent the bracket from twisting or bending out of the wall.
  • Mounts with Swing brackets
Manufacturer Part Number SC100RR
UPC: 34481188797
Package Dimensions
Width: 2.50 (in)
Height: 4.25 (in)
Depth: 1.63 (in)