Shower Caddy Hanger

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Command, Shower Caddy Hanger, Makes It Easy For Everyone In The Family To Reach What They Need & Keeps Things Organized, Stands Up To Hot, Wet & Humid Environments & Sticks To A Variety Of Surfaces, Including Glass, Mirror, Tile, Fiberglass, Wood & Painted Surfaces, Tested & Proven To Hold Better Than Suction Cups, It Is Easy To Apply & Come Off Cleanly Without Damage, Repositioning Is Easy With Assorted Water Resistant Refill Strips, Great For Bathroom Organization, Includes 1 Caddy Hanger & 2 Large Strips, Holds Up To 7.5 LB.
Command, shower caddy hanger, makes it easy for everyone in the family to reach what they need & keeps things organized, stands up to hot, wet & humid environments & sticks to a variety of surfaces, including glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood & painted surfaces, tested & proven to hold better than suction cups, it is easy to apply & come off cleanly without damage, repositioning is easy with assorted water resistant refill strips, great for bathroom organization, includes 1 caddy hanger & 2 large strips, holds up to 7.5 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number BATH19-ES
UPC: 51141958415
Package Dimensions
Width: 3.88 (in)
Height: 7.63 (in)
Depth: 0.05 (in)