Select-A-Spray Hose Nozzle, 7 Patterns, Metal

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Metal Body, Select-A-Spray Nozzle, All Brass Valve Stem With Permanent Adjusting Nut, 5 Position Dial With 7 Spray Patterns: Full Action, Cone, Sharp Stream, Full Flow, Gentle Shower, Jet, Flood & Mist, Hold Open Clip For Continuous Spraying, Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Spring, Self Adjusting Duck Packing For A Leakproof Seal.
Metal body, select-a-spray nozzle, all brass valve stem with permanent adjusting nut, 5 position dial with 7 spray patterns: full action, cone, sharp stream, full flow, gentle shower, jet, flood & mist, hold open clip for continuous spraying, rust resistant stainless steel spring, self adjusting duck packing for a leakproof seal.
Manufacturer Part Number 805842-1001
UPC: 34411005842
Package Dimensions
Width: 5.25 (in)
Height: 8.00 (in)
Depth: 2.50 (in)