Precision Drill Guide, Built-In Protractor Scale

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Precision Drill Guide, Brings Drill Press Accuracy & Versatility To Handheld Drilling Jobs, Drills Accurate Right Angled Or Variable Angled Holes With Built In Protractor Scale, Adjusts 45 Degree In Either Direction Of Vertical Drill Position, Portable & Lightweight, Folds Flat For Toolbox Storage, Built In Depth Stop, Slide Lock For Sanding & Buffing Applications, Anchoring Pins Hold The Guild Securely In Place On Flat Surfaces, Narrow Edges, Or Large Tubing, V-Groove For Positioning Round St Chuck & Chuck Key.
Precision drill guide, brings drill press accuracy & versatility to handheld drilling jobs, drills accurate right angled or variable angled holes with built in protractor scale, adjusts 45 degree in either direction of vertical drill position, portable & lightweight, folds flat for toolbox storage, built in depth stop, slide lock for sanding & buffing applications, anchoring pins hold the guild securely in place on flat surfaces, narrow edges, or large tubing, v-groove for positioning round st chuck & chuck key.
Manufacturer Part Number 36/37
UPC: 38728230591
Package Dimensions
Width: 6.00 (in)
Height: 2.20 (in)
Depth: 6.00 (in)