Pixel Bluetooth Device Finder / Locator, Assorted Colors, 3-Pk.

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SKU: 236113
3 Pack, TrackR Pixel, Bluetooth Tracking Device, Assorted Colors: Aqua, Purple & Pink, Key Tracker, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator, Lights Up & Rings To Help Uncover Misplaced Items, TrackR App Records Its Last Known Location On A Map, When Another TrackR App User Comes Within Bluetooth Range Of Your Lost Item, Its Location Will Be Automatically Updated In Your App, Press Pixel To Ring The Phone Loudly Even When It's On Vibrate, Connectivity: BLE 4.0, IOS 8.0+ & Android 4.4+, Free Battery Replacement Program.
3 pack, trackr pixel, bluetooth tracking device, assorted colors: aqua, purple & pink, key tracker, phone finder, wallet locator, lights up & rings to help uncover misplaced items, trackr app records its last known location on a map, when another trackr app user comes within bluetooth range of your lost item, its location will be automatically updated in your app, press pixel to ring the phone loudly even when it's on vibrate, connectivity: ble 4.0, ios 8.0+ & android 4.4+, free battery replacement program.
  • Find lost items using your smartphone.
  • Rings loudly and flashes brightly with LED lights.
  • Replace the battery, not the device. For free.
  • Press TrackR to ring your phone – even on silent.
  • See where you last had your stuff.
Manufacturer Part Number TP3PKAQPUPIRETENG
UPC: 852738007345
Package Dimensions
Width: 4.60 (in)
Height: 0.80 (in)
Depth: 5.50 (in)