Pet & Wildlife Supplies

At Midland Hardware, we have a huge quantity of pet supplies, as well as products for caring for horses, cows, and helping feed wildlife. We have what you need, whether for pets or working animals.

We carry a variety of food and treats for dogs, cats, fish, and small mammals like rabbits and ferrets. Find pet dishes, feeders, waterers, and food storage in our inventory. We also have food for wildlife, including wild game blocks and several types of food for squirrels and birds. Bird feeders, birdhouses, and bat houses round out our wildlife supplies. 

For working dogs, we have training supplies, and dog vests, as well as dog houses and tie outs for outdoor canines. We also carry a full stock of leashes, collars, and harnesses for both dogs and cats. Our selection includes bedding for all animals, from dog beds to kennel mats to wood shavings for cages. For traveling pets, we have car seat protectors, carriers, crates, and kennels, many of which are also great for crate training.

Get everything you need for cats, too, including scratching posts and pads, catnip, cat furniture, along with flea drops, litter, great litter boxes, and scoops. Pick up new toys and all kinds of grooming supplies for both cats and dogs.

For horses, we carry bits, halters, horseshoes and more, as well as supplies for dairy cows. Get animal & pet supplies of all kinds at Midland Hardware.