Load Bearing Plate, 1/2-In.

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BP1/2-R, 1/2" Bearing Plate, Greater Bearing Surface Than Standard Cut Washers, Designed To Help Strengthen Plate Connections, Help Distribute The Load At These Critical Connections, Dimensions 2" x 2", Made With 3/16" Steel For Strength, For 1/2" Bolt Diameter.
Bp1/2-r, 1/2" bearing plate, greater bearing surface than standard cut washers, designed to help strengthen plate connections, help distribute the load at these critical connections, dimensions 2" x 2", made with 3/16" steel for strength, for 1/2" bolt diameter.
Manufacturer Part Number BP 1/2-R
UPC: 44315012303
Package Dimensions
Width: 2.00 (in)
Height: 2.00 (in)
Depth: 0.81 (in)