Link-Ups Plant Support, Green Vinyl, 15 x 30-In.

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Link-Ups, 15" x 30", Plant Prop Up Support, 15" Across, 30" Legs, 4/4.5 mm, Can Be Used After Plants Are Fully Grown, Use Individually Or Combine 2 To Create A Full Circle, Green Vinyl Coating Blends With Foliage.
Link-ups u support, 15" across, 30" legs, 4 / 4.5mm, can be used after plants are fully grown, use individually or combine 2 to create a full circle, green vinyl coating blends with foliage.
Manufacturer Part Number 1045
UPC: 35307010452
Package Dimensions
Width: 15.00 (in)
Height: 29.75 (in)
Depth: 7.13 (in)