LED Intellibulb Battery Back-Up Light Bulb, 8.5-Watts

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8.5W, A19 Intellibulb Battery Back Up LED Bulb, 2700 Kelvin, 600 Lumens, E26 Base, 15,000 Hours, Reliable Rechargeable Emergency Lighting, Stays Lit If You Lose Power, Get Up To 3 Hours Of Reliable Emergency Battery Back Up Lighting, Rechargeable, Fits A Standard Light Bulb Fixture.
8.5w, a19 intellibulb battery back up led bulb, 2700 kelvin, 600 lumens, e26 base, 15,000 hours, reliable rechargeable emergency lighting, stays lit if you lose power, get up to 3 hours of reliable emergency battery back up lighting, rechargeable, fits a standard light bulb fixture.
Manufacturer Part Number OM60/927CA/BATG2LEDI
UPC: 17801172379
Package Dimensions
Width: 4.00 (in)
Height: 3.00 (in)
Depth: 6.75 (in)