Irrigation & Sprinkler Timer, Super Dial, 9-Station

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9 Station Super Dial Irrigation Timer, Can Be Used For Irrigation Systems With Up To 9 Zones Or Valves, Large Buttons & LCD Screen Make It Easy To Use, Has 2 Independent Programs That Can Be Set To Run Your Sprinkler System Multiple Times In A Day From 1 To 99 Minutes, If It Rains, There Is A Rain Delay Button That Postpones Your Program For 24, 48, Or 72 Hours Or Connect It To A Rain Sensor, Adjust The Watering Program To Meet Seasonal Needs Without Reprogramming The Timer, Weatherproof Cabinet With Internal Transformer, Easy Indoor Or Outdoor Plug & Go Installation, Easy Set Logic Provides For Headache Free Programming, 3 Programs For Flexible Scheduling.
9 station super dial irrigation timer, can be used for irrigation systems with up to 9 zones or valves, large buttons & lcd screen make it easy to use, has 2 independent programs that can be set to run your sprinkler system multiple times in a day from 1 to 99 minutes, if it rains, there is a rain delay button that postpones your program for 24, 48, or 72 hours or connect it to a rain sensor, adjust the watering program to meet seasonal needs without reprogramming the timer, weatherproof cabinet with internal transformer, easy indoor or outdoor plug & go installation, easy set logic provides for headache free programming, 3 programs for flexible scheduling.
Manufacturer Part Number 57899
UPC: 46878578999
Package Dimensions
Width: 8.25 (in)
Height: 9.50 (in)
Depth: 4.50 (in)