Insect House, Multi-Chamber, Assorted Colors

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4 Chamber Insect House, Includes 2 Bee Chambers & 2 Insect Chambers, Attracts Beneficial Bees, Lacewings, & Lady Bugs, These Bees Are More Powerful Pollinators Than Honey Bees & Are Gentle & Mild Mannered, Lacewings & Lady Bugs Attack Pest Insects That Cause Damage To Gardens, Assorted Colors, Yellow TV #246-825 & Blue TV #246-826.
4 chamber insect house, includes 2 bee chambers & 2 insect chambers, attracts beneficial bees, lacewings, & lady bugs, these bees are more powerful pollinators than honey bees & are gentle & mild mannered, lacewings & lady bugs attack pest insects that cause damage to gardens, assorted colors, yellow tv #246-825 & blue tv #246-826.
  • Attract a large variety of friendly and beneficial insects
  • Naturally maintain plant and garden health
  • Manage pest insects
  • Help pollinate your flowers
  • Multi-chamber construction helps maximze occupancy
  • Attracts Variety of Bees, Lady Bugs, and Lacewings
Manufacturer Part Number PWH3-AST

Package Dimensions
Width: 8.00 (in)
Height: 12.00 (in)
Depth: 3.50 (in)