High Power LED Upgrade Bulb C/D Cell

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High Power LED Upgrade Bulb Kit, Converts Most C & D, 2-6 Cell PR Style Flange, Incandescent Flashlights Into Super Bright, Long Lasting LED Flashlights, Easy As Replacing The Bulb & Instantly, Your Flashlight Will Emit A Pure White LED Light, Self Adjusting For All Capacity Levels, Efficient LED Technology Also Conserves Battery Use, Making It Not Only A Useful, Versatile Improvement, But An Environmentally Friendly One As Well.
The Nite Ize High Power LED Upgrade Kit converts most C & D (2-6 cell PR style flange) incandescent flashlights into super-bright, long lasting LED flashlights. It's as easy as replacing the bulb - and instantly, your flashlight will emit a pure white LED light. Self-adjusting for all capacity levels, this efficient LED technology also conserves battery use, making it not only a useful, versatile improvement, but an environmentally-friendly one as well.
  • Fits most C & D Cell flashlights, 2-6 cells
  • Up to 74 Lumens of brilliant white LED illumination
  • Simple to Install - As simple as replacing the original bulb
  • Shock resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly- Minimizes battery waste and bulb replacement waste - lighting the way for our sustainable future
  • Save money on replacement batteries and bulbs
Manufacturer Part Number LRB2-07-PRHP
UPC: 94664030084
Package Dimensions
Width: 3.10 (in)
Height: 0.60 (in)
Depth: 5.70 (in)