Glass Body Filler, 1-Qt.

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QT, Glass Body Filler With Cap, Reinforced With Strands Of Fiberglass, Eliminates Need For Backing Strips Or Fiberglass Resin On Small Holes & Rust.
Qt, glass body filler with cap, reinforced with strands of fiberglass, eliminates need for backing strips or fiberglass resin on small holes & rust.
  • Unique reinforced filler containing short, interlocking fiberglass strands and fibers
  • Twice as strong as regular body filler
  • Repairs small (dime size or smaller) rusted-out metal holes and shattered fiberglass body parts
  • Works great on boats. Waterproof. Sandable in only 20 minutes. Compatible with all paint systems.
  • Eliminates needs for backing strips, fiberglass resin or cloth on small holes and rusted-out areas
Manufacturer Part Number 272
UPC: 76308002725
Package Dimensions
Width: 4.25 (in)
Height: 5.50 (in)
Depth: 4.25 (in)
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