Flock Fresh Poultry Bedding, 2 Cu.-Ft. Expands to 10-Cu.-Ft.

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SKU: 216765
Standlee, 2 CUFT Compressed, 10 CUFT Expanded, Premium Poultry Bedding, Consists Of Chopped Straw, Alfalfa, & Zeolite, When Completely Utilized Can Be Composited Or Placed In Garden Area Revitalizing The Soil, Bagged.
Standlee, 2 cu. ft compressed or 10 cu. ft. expanded, premium poultry bedding, consists of chopped straw, alfalfa, & zeolite, when completely utilized can be composited or placed in garden area revitalizing the soil.
Manufacturer Part Number 2700-70101-0-0
UPC: 184280000353
Package Dimensions
Width: 14.75 (in)
Height: 25.50 (in)
Depth: 9.25 (in)