Electric Fence, Pet & Garden, Plug-In, 11-120-Volt

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Parmak, Pet-Gard Electric Fencer, For Gardens & Backyards, 11-120V AC Operation, Protects Garden, Flower Beds, & Shrubs From Animal Damage, Delivers A Mild But Effective Shock To Deter Small Animals, Continuous Voltage Non-Pulsing & Complies With National Code.
Parmak, pet-gard electric fencer, for gardens & backyards, 11-120v ac operation, protects garden, flower beds, & shrubs from animal damage, delivers a mild but effective shock to deter small animals, continuous voltage non-pulsing & complies with national code.
Manufacturer Part Number PG-50
UPC: 54711026477
Package Dimensions
Width: 7.00 (in)
Height: 3.50 (in)
Depth: 9.00 (in)