Electric Fence Charger, 30-Mile, Low Impedance, 12-Volt Battery

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12 Volt, Battery-Operated Low Impedance Fence Charger, Solid State Circuitry, Equipped With Performance Meter That Shows Condition Of Fence, For Livestock Or Predator Control, Medium To Large Pastures, Shocks Through Wet Weeds & Brush, Weatherproof, Portable, Outdoor Model, Use With 12 Volt Storage Battery, Charges Up To 30 Miles, Includes Battery Clamps, UL Listed.
12 volt, battery-operated low impedance fence charger, digital controlled circuitry, equipped with performance meter that shows condition of fence, for livestock or predator control, medium to large pastures, shocks through wet weeds & brush, weatherproof ABS housing, portable, outdoor model, use with 12 volt storage battery, charges up to 30 miles, includes battery clamps, ul listed. Performance features include: Meter Operation Test, Battery Charge Level Test, and Voltage Output Test.
Manufacturer Part Number MAG12UO
UPC: 54711231130
Package Dimensions
Width: 7.70 (in)
Height: 5.00 (in)
Depth: 9.70 (in)