Chimney Support Box

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6T SB, Support Box, Intended For Use When Installing Chimney In A Frame, In A Mobile Home, Or In A Ceiling Under A Narrow Section Of Roof, Provides A Finished Installation At The Ceiling Level & Will Support Up To 20' Of A 6" Diameter Chimney, Also Provides Shielding From Insulation When Installed In An Unoccupied Attic Space, Assembly Is Comprised Of A Black Box Designed For Installation Inside 16" O.C. Joists, A Cylindrical Shield, Support Bucket, Ceiling Trim & 4 Screws.
6t sb, support box, intended for use when installing chimney in a frame, in a mobile home, or in a ceiling under a narrow section of roof, provides a finished installation at the ceiling level & will support up to 20' of a 6" diameter chimney, also provides shielding from insulation when installed in an unoccupied attic space, assembly is comprised of a black box designed for installation inside 16" o.c. Joists, a cylindrical shield, support bucket, ceiling trim & 4 screws.
Manufacturer Part Number 206424
UPC: 53713177767
Package Dimensions
Width: 15.40 (in)
Height: 25.40 (in)
Depth: 15.50 (in)