Black Trim Line Corded Telephone

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Black, Trim Line Corded Telephone With Caller ID, Call Waiting, Trilingual Setup Menu, 10 Number Memory, Mute, Flash, Redial, Ringer Volume Control, Handset Volume Control, No AC Power Needed, Desk/Wall Convertible, Battery Powered, 50 Name/Number Caller ID History, Remove Button Display Dial.
Black, trim line corded telephone with caller ID, call waiting, trilingual setup menu, 10-number memory, mute, flash, redial, ringer volume control, handset volume control. No AC power needed. Desk/wall convertible. Battery-powered. 50 name/number caller ID history.
Manufacturer Part Number TR1909BLACK
UPC: 650530019746
Package Dimensions
Width: 3.50 (in)
Height: 8.35 (in)
Depth: 5.12 (in)