Bi-Fold Door Replacement Hardware, Series 1700

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SKU: 597914
1700 Series, Bi-Fold Door Replacement Hardware, No Track, Includes Shock Absorbing Hinges, Top & Bottom Pivots, Top Guide, 4-Way Adjustable Jamb Bracket Which Corrects Warped Doors & Allows Installation Without Cutting Carpet, Door Aligner, Stops, Knobs & Wrench, Accommodates 2 Bi-Fold Doors Up To 18" Wide 3/4" To 1-3/4" Thick & Up To 40 LB Per Panel, Lifetime Warranty.
1700 series, bi-fold door replacement hardware, no track, includes shock absorbing hinges, top & bottom pivots, top guide, 4-way adjustable jamb bracket which corrects warped doors & allows installation without cutting carpet, door aligner, stops, knobs & wrench, accommodates 2 bi-fold doors up to 18" wide 3/4" to 1-3/4" thick & up to 40 lb per panel, lifetime warranty.
Manufacturer Part Number 1700PPK3
UPC: 86073170017
Package Dimensions
Width: 5.00 (in)
Height: 0.85 (in)
Depth: 8.00 (in)