All-in-One Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, 32-oz.

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Gumout, 32 OZ, Aio Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, Diesel FSC & Anti-Gel & Cetane Boost, Cleans All Components Of Diesel Fuel System Using Potent Nitro-D Power Detergent, Improves Fuel Economy, Boosts Cetane & Restores HP, Provides Anti-Gel Protection & Removal Of Existing Gel Buildup, Reduces Vehicle Emissions.
Gum out, 32 oz, aio diesel fuel system cleaner, diesel fsc & anti-gel & cetane boost, cleans all components of diesel fuel system using potent nitro-d power detergent, improves fuel economy, boosts cetane & restores hp, provides anti-gel protection & removal of existing gel buildup, reduces vehicle emissions.
Manufacturer Part Number 510012
UPC: 71948100121
Package Dimensions
Width: 4.00 (in)
Height: 9.25 (in)
Depth: 2.50 (in)