All American Livestock Tag, Numbered, Medium, Yellow, 25-Pk.

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SKU: 155920
All American, 25 Pack, Medium, Yellow, 3 Star, 2 Piece, Numbered Tag, Numbered 1-25, Made Of An Advanced Polyurethane Formulation, Engineered To Prevent Cracking, Remain Flexible & Provide Excellent Longevity, Snap-Lok Feature Is For Superior Retention & Has Ultraviolet Inhibitors To Resist Fading.
All American, 25 pack, medium, yellow, 3 star, 2 piece, numbered tag, numbered 1-25, made of an advanced polyurethane formulation, engineered to prevent cracking, remain flexible & provide excellent longevity, snap-lok feature is for superior retention & has ultraviolet inhibitors to resist fading.
Manufacturer Part Number 7712001
UPC: 30907035812
Package Dimensions
Width: 8.25 (in)
Height: 2.00 (in)
Depth: 11.00 (in)