300-Ft. White Flagging Tape

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SKU: 131334
300', White, Flagging Tape, Weatherproof Poly Vinyl Chloride For Harsh Outdoor Conditions, Constructed Of Non Adhesive & Non Conductive Vinyl, 1-3/16" Wide, 3mm Thick, Roll.
White flagging tape is fade resistant. Weatherproof poly vinyl chloride for harsh outdoor conditions. Constructed on non-adhesive and non-conductive vinyl.
  • Weatherproof
  • Fade resistant
  • 1 3/16" wide, 3mm thick
Manufacturer Part Number 17020
UPC: 81834170206
Package Dimensions
Width: 3.50 (in)
Height: 1.25 (in)
Depth: 1.52 (in)