#2 Medium Synthetic Steel Wool Pad

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3M, #2, Medium, Synthetic Steel Wool Pad. Won't Rust Or Splinter Like Regular Steel Wool, Rinse & Reuse.
3M #2 Medium Synthetic Steel Wool Pad. 3M Synthetic Steel Wool works like steel wool, yet these durable pads are easier on your hands. They resist clogging and crumbling and can be rinsed and reused. Features include a blend of synthetic fibers and abrasive particles that work like steel wool. These medium grade pads are compatible with both traditional solvent-based and newer water-based strippers and finishes. 3M Automotive Paint Finishing products include abrasives, grinding discs and surface conditioning discs and pads for restoring finishes.
  • Pad Won't Rust Or Splinter Like Regular Steel Wool
  • Rinse To Reuse
Manufacturer Part Number 10116NA
UPC: 51111101162
Package Dimensions
Width: 6.00 (in)
Height: 1.50 (in)
Depth: 4.00 (in)