1-1/4-Inch Type T PVC Access Fitting

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1-1/4", Type T, PVC Access Fitting.
Electrical PVC "T" Access Fitting- 1 1/4". Rectangular shaped conduit body with a removable cover. Contains three non-threaded hubs- one in each end wall and one at 90 degrees in the middle of the side wall. Removable cover and foam-in-place gasket included. UL listed/CSA approved.
  • Electrical PVC "T" access fitting- 1 1/4"
  • Contains three hubs and removable textured cover
  • UL listed
Manufacturer Part Number E983GR-CAR
UPC: 34481066040
Package Dimensions
Width: 3.56 (in)
Height: 3.01 (in)
Depth: 8.66 (in)